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Austria. Maximilian Karl Lamoral Graf O'Donnell (1812-1895). AE Medal, 1853 for saving the Emperor Franz Joseph from an assassination attempt. Obv. Bust left. Rev. Wreath; below, two river gods reclining on urn and holding rudder, flanking coat of arms. AE. 132.30 g. 67.00 mm. Good EF. On the afternoon of 18 February 1853, as emperor Franz Josef peered over a parapet during a troop review, Hungarian nationalist János Libényi plunged a knife into the emperor's neck. Maximilian Karl Graf O'Donnell, an Austro-Irish officer, drew his saber and, with the help of a nearby butcher, subdued the assailant. In recognition of his heroism, O'Donnell was awarded with the title of Count of the Austrian Empire.
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