Lot 442:
Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD). AE 27 mm. Asia Minor, uncertain mint, c. 30 BC(?). Obv. Bare head right. Rev. Fiscus, sella quaestoria and hasta; Q below. RPC I 5409. AE. 21.99 g. 27.00 mm. Good F.
This issue has previously been attributed to a Macedonian mint with the portrait identified either as Brutus (Friedlander), Caesar (Grant), or to the governor of Syria, Gaius Sosius (in the trade). RPC presents a case for an origin in northern Turkey, supported by find data, with a suggestion that the portrait is Octavian. Issues of similar portrait style, very likely by the same engraver, include the 'Princeps Felix' coinage from Cilicia (RPC 4082-3).