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M. Aemilius Scaurus with Pub. Plautius Hypsaeus. AR Denarius, 58 BC. Obv. Camel right; before, King Aretas kneeling right, holding reins in left hand and olive-branch tied with fillet in right hand; above, M·SCAVR/ AED·CVR; on either side, EX-S·C; in exergue, REX·ARETAS. Rev. Jupiter in quadriga left; below horses, scorpion; above, P·HYPSAE / AED·CVR; on right, CAPTV; in exergue, C·HYPSAE·COS / PREIVE. Cr. 422/1b; B. (Aemilia) 8. AR. 3.82 g. 16.50 mm. Good VF. This fascinating issue celebrates the Roman conquest of Nabataea. Marcus Aemilius Scaurus was appointed first governor of Syria from 63 to 61 BC (supported by Pompeus), where he commanded two legions. Aristobulus II of Judea sought Scaurus' support to invade Nabatea. The Roman praetor ordered Areta III to withdraw his army, marching to Petra in 62 B.C. Later, in exchange for several hundred talents of silver and the recognition of Roman supremacy over the Nabataean kingdom, Areta III retained all Nabataean territory and became a vassal of the Roman Empire.
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